Top Cocoa-Producing Countries in Africa

Have you ever wondered where the mouthwatering addictive chocolate comes from? Or how it is made? or maybe which are the top cocoa-producing countries in Africa? We’ve got you! The magical cocoa beans that sprout from the cocoa tree give you the tasty chocolate that you buy in the store. The United Kingdom serves as the number one consumer of chocolate that comes from Africa. Cocoa beans are also known as cacao beans. Cocoa trees mainly grow in the tropical regions of the world.

Cocoa is used for various purposes. For example, it improves the nervous system in the body, also helps in mental health and is a strong anti-oxidant. Some people use it as an anti-depressant too. Top cocoa beans producers in Africa produce seventy percent of these cocoa beans. Cocoa beans help in making various on and off the counter products that can easily be available to you. Below is a list of the cocoa beans producers in Africa that lead to the production of cocoa.

Cocoa-Producing Countries in Africa

  • Ivory coast
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Cameroon
  • Togo

Ivory Coast

Ivory cost cocoa producers in AfricaIvory Coast leads the continent as the country with the largest production of cocoa. This country is the world’s largest cocoa port.

An average of five million people is solely dependent on the income they get from farming cocoa. It is located in West Africa.

It has a number of rainforests that provide a wonderful environment for the growth of cocoa trees.

Although Ivory Coast is still facing challenges in its stability it still leads as the largest exporter of cocoa beans in Africa and also overseas.

The backbone of Ivory Coast’s economy is mainly agriculture. Most of its citizens engage in the growth of cocoa trees.

It supplies a percentage of thirty-four percent of cocoa in the world.

Approximately eight hundred thousand farmers engage in the production of cocoa in West Africa however, most of these farmers are still stuck in poverty. Even though Ivory Coast faces these challenge it still leads the pack of Cocoa beans producers in Africa.


Ghana comes second in the Top cocoa beans producers in Africa.  This country cannot miss in the Cocoa beans producers list. Cocoa is the country’s main cash crop. The production of cocoa mainly occurs in the country’s fertile places such as the Ashanti region, Western, Central and Eastern region. Various organizations were formed to maintain the production of cocoa. Such an organization is the Ghana Cocoa Board.

Its mission is to encourage and facilitate the production, processing, and marketing of good quality cocoa and other products. From the Amazon reviews, you really cannot fail to taste this.

This country, however, faces a number of setbacks that have affected the production of cocoa. An example is a bad weather and lack of pesticides. However, Ghana still stands strong and still flourishing in this field. The Government of Ghana has also managed to stabilize cocoa beans supply in the market. Hence that is why it is in the list of the Top cocoa beans producers in Africa.

Its success in producing the largest amount of cocoa in Africa is its controlled marketing system. Most of the people living in Ghana depend on cocoa farming to maintain the standard of livelihood. Ghana’s cocoa industry is currently the best in Western and central Africa.


Nigeria is also in the group of Cocoa beans producers in Africa.  Cocoa is the most popular and desirable crop in this country.

The cocoa trees naturally adapt to the good weather in Nigeria. It boosts the economy of Nigeria in its exportation.

Most of its farmers like in Ivory Coast and Ghana are also focused on increasing the quality and revenue of cocoa in the global market.

Non-governmental organizations have helped empower the people in this industry.

It has managed to support its local farmers by providing them with the latest machinery to help in the production of cocoa. Cocoa beans that come from Nigeria seem to be in high demand due to its good quality. If you are looking forward to investing in this business then Nigeria is the place to start.It has a wide market of which most of its goods especially cocoa beans are in high demand.


Cameroon has a standard production of cocoa beans.  It serves as the main tool of the trade for most Cameroonians.

Cocoa is grown in the central and southern parts of the nation. People in this industry are committed to their work in the yield of cocoa beans.

Even though long rains during the harvest season makes it hard for the farmers to dry the cocoa beans, modern technology has helped these farmers produce a good quality yield of cocoa beans.

Most of them have the necessary resources like fertilizers, spraying machines and means of transport to help them yield a better quality of cocoa.


Cocoa is the second most exported product after coffee in Togo.

Famous for their organic chocolate, six young organic entrepreneurs formed a small company that helped them in processing their organic chocolate which is now famously known as choco Togo.

The work of these young six entrepreneurs has sparked the interests of the people in Togo to invest and work hard on their cocoa business.

Cocoa production has elevated the lives of people especially in the rural areas; it has helped improve the standard of livelihood hence bridging the gap of poverty between the rich and the poor. Although the demand for cocoa is not that consistent in Togo’s market, this business will still help earn income and increase profit for you .it is worth investing on.


Most of the countries in West Africa are famously known as the top cocoa beans Producers in Africa. Growth and cultivation of cocoa is hard and requires a lot of labor, but the countries in West Africa have managed to overcome these problems. Climate change has also largely influenced the production of cocoa beans. If you are a fan of chocolate, cocoa butter, and its powder and if you are planning to travel to Africa soon, ensure that you visit some of the cocoa farms in the countries mentioned above.

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