Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

The extent and rate at which bloggers and western media have downgraded African lately is alarming. One would never think that there can be anything positive about this great continent. We want to bring out something different with the list of the top ten most beautiful cities in Africa and reiterate how blessed the region is in many ways.

For those who may not be interested in details, the table below shows the list of the prettiest, cleanest and most of all, the most beautiful African countries.

List of The Most Beautiful Cities In Africa

Cape Town South Africa
Johannesburg South Africa
Tunis Tunisia
Accra Ghana
Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Libreville Gabon
Windhoek Namibia
Kigali Rwanda

You must have read or heard that Africa is the poorest continent in them all, there is no point in trying to deny or debate on that. The region feeds masses of human beings with limited resources. Baring in mind how corrupt some of the countries in Africa are, it can be pretty hard to rank with the likes of Europe and Asia.

Although this is true, you can never write off the region’s cities beauty. If you have been in either as a tourist, I am sure you can testify on this.

At many times you would walk across streets in Lagos Nigeria, Johannesburg in South Africa, beaches across Coastal region of Mombasa Kenya or Tanzania and wonder how this continent is ranked the poorest.

These are some of the most exciting Cities in Africa. Africa has places prettier and classier than Buenos Aires, Madrid, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, and even Tokyo, how on earth is this continent as poor as they say?

Most Beautiful Cities in Africa

To those of you thinking of making a trip to the region, this will be pretty helpful. Be it for adventure, family or business deals; you will be more confident signing deals, touring sites or swimming in some of the top most beautiful cities in Africa. Starting from the first one, this is a list of detailed information on our top ten most developed cities in Africa.

1. Cape Town – South Africa

Among many articles we have publishes on, this was probably among the hardest to research.  Cape Town came on top on our list for various obvious reasons.  This city is the second most populous in the country famous for its harbor, Table Mountain, and Cape Point.

Ask anyone who toured this country, and they will tell you that Cape Town was one of the most exciting African cities they’ve ever visited.

Cape Town nests between mountains and oceans, an aspect that creates a stimulating and relaxed environment for all.  Football fans worldwide will remember this city particularly from their MyCiTi rapid bus service and the vastly improved infrastructure.

2. Johannesburg – South Africa

In terms of wealth and population, Johannesburg leads in South Africa, others follow. The magic starts immediately when the plane touches down at OR Tambo International Airport (ORTIA), from the pace of everything and everyone, you are in the sleekest city on earth.

This town competes worldwide on modern lifestyle, infrastructure, shopping malls, and stores as well as hotels and restaurants. The famous OR Tambo International Airport (ORTIA) is among the top best Airports not only in Africa but the whole world.

It’s green environment, and clean streets make this city one of the most attractive place. Johannesburg is the home of many western and local tourists. You may not know this, but Johannesburg won the award of the largest man-made forest in the world!

3. Nairobi – Kenya

Nairobi is growing to be the region’s business hub center. There is no doubt that despite challenges the city faces concerning leadership and corruption issues, it still thrives regardless.

Traffic has always been the key issue within the town center but in a way it has grown to be like a tradition. You barely are in Nairobi if you never get caught in the traffic jam.

Traffic has always been the key issue within the town center but in a way it has grown to be like a tradition. You barely are in Nairobi if you never get caught in the traffic jam.

This City is the Rockefeller Foundation choice of town where they will host their anchor their African operations.  Their restaurants, nightclubs, and music industry play the key role in advertising the cities culture and growth. Nairobi is one of the Most Exciting Cities In Africa where many would love to visit.

4. Tunis – Tunisia

Tunisia is probably the smallest country in North Africa, and even though they have had issues after the Arab Spring unrest, Tunis remains a bright star among many deem ones.

The state of its being has improved immensely regarding infrastructure, security, and economy. You will enjoy walking around the streets of Tunis at night due to its lights and shining buildings.

Recently, they have seen an increased GDP growth rate of over 3 percent.  Tunis has the most developing and growing manufacturing firms in the region which in future may help them curb their unemployment issues that government has been struggling to solve.

5. Accra-Ghana

Accra holds over 20% of the country’s population. The classy City has become the ideal destination for not only western tourists but local and regional visitors. Nigeria seems to be the most frequent visitors who take advantage of their 45 minutes flight to Accra.

The trending sophisticated Ghana capital is an urban center with an extensive developing range of shopping malls, nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels.

Ghanaians not only those who base at Accra are welcoming, humble and very friendly people. This probably is the reason they host a lot of Nigerians who like spending their leisure times in their neighboring country. Not only will you be entertained by the looks of the cities buildings and malls, but the tropical climate also makes the entire experience appealing and worth it.

6. Gaborone-Botswana

Botswana is among the youngest nations in the region, but they refuse to lag behind regarding developments and growth.

This country especially his capital Gaborone has flourished and rightly, they are comfortable sixth in our list of top ten Most Beautiful Cities in Africa.  This nation has been superbly buoyant in their economy and energetically stable politically.

The peaceful country is known for its hospitality and stability in their economy and resource management. People believe that it is due to their small population (around 2.4 million citizens) which makes it so easy to manage and run everything comfortably.

The fact that this country produces massive amounts of the rough diamond is another aspect which earns them a lot of riches hence improving their standards. Gabs, as they commonly call, it holds a record of the world’s largest producers of rough diamonds.

7. Dar es Salaam – Tanzania

The East African Swahili speaking Nation is one of the tourism hotbeds. They have some of the prettiest sea shores, beautiful restaurants and a lot of wildlife animals.

Dar es Salaam may not be their capital city but remains one of the East African pride cities. This city is among the top most populated cities in Africa adding over 3% population annually.

Dar is the largest town in Tanzania which makes it the center stage of businesses, education and more so, political hub. This city has seen a completion of various projects in the last few years which sees it get in the competitive list of the most exciting cities in Africa.

8. Libreville – Gabon

This one we are sure of it getting so much of debate because not only you, at some points we felt like this City should be somewhere on top four. Libreville aerial view is eye catching, real Disney land display. Gabon may not be all famous, but they have one of the most developed cities in Africa.

This town sees their citizen’s literacy level close to 90 percent with half of their residents under the age of 20 years.

Their beautiful architecture and monuments correspond to the French style culture and class. Been along the beach makes from work to play transition very easy which improves not only their moods to deliver but also the sense of willingness and pride of their city.

9. Windhoek – Namibia

Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia, one of the most developed cities in Africa. They are among the least populated cities in the region hence making it very easy to manage their resources and improve their infrastructure comfortably.

Its classic look and culture make it everyone’s favorite city; it is the center stage of political, cultural, economic and social gatherings.

The city’s fame lies in its way of letting you enjoy life as much as you want, it’s beer comes second to none, same to those who love it whether locals or tourists. Windhoek Lager is one of the most growing and embraced beer, not only locally in the country but in now over 20 different countries.

10. Kigali – Rwanda

Kigali, located in the heart of central Rwanda, with the most of the country’s population living in the cleanest city in Africa. This country has seen various infrastructure projects into completion which leads smooth traffic within the city and shining lights all across Kigali.

Some of the best hotels including the most famous Kigali Serena Hotel, Grand Legacy as well as the Radisson Blue Hotel & Convention Centre, all five-star hotels make this city one of the most beautiful cities in Africa


We recognize the fact that people will always argue their points regarding why this or that city is not on the list, it is important to realize that Africa is growing. Every nation, the government want to deliver and make a mark on the beautiful side of the country’s future. It will be hard to retain any spot, and so, one has to be on toes to cement their position in the most developed cities in Africa.

With that said, we will be on the lookout to see if any other city is getting ahead of either one in or list and edit the post. We will appreciate your comments and corrections or advice on anything you guys find necessary to add.

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  1. The most beautiful and developed cities in Africa are Cape Town and Casablanca (Morocco). All the North African major cities are more developed than most sub-saharan African countries. In fact, North Africans are Caucasians, not blacks.
    By the way, what criteria do you use to measure development? Is it all about a few highrise buildings in a city’s business district? No city in sub-saharan Africa is comparable to any of the major cities in the North African countries. Anyone who think otherwise has a limited knowledge of the continent of Africa.

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