Curviest African Celebrities

Who does not like a curvy woman? No one. Neither is it news that the place to find ladies who are naturally curvy is Africa. However, the craze for a bigger backside and a curvy body has also hit the African continent such that many ladies are opting to go under the knife, in a bid to surgically enhance their bodies. Very few of the curviest African celebrities have surgically enhanced rear ends.

This is not to say that none of the most curved celebrities in Africa have undergone surgery or taken body enhancing pills to obtain that desired voluptuous figure. The craze for a fuller backside started when celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj surgically enhanced their booties, giving a new meaning to how people look at curves and a big backside. From then, there has been no turning back and everyday women are undergoing surgery or taking pills to enhance their curves.

This article attempts to bring to your knowledge some Africa’s curviest celebrities in the entertainment industry.

List of the Curviest African Celebrities

Judy AnyangoKenyan
Tango NcetezoSouth African
Evia SimonNigerian
Risper FaithKenyan
Anita JosephNigerian
Mercy JohnsonNigerian
Lisa VisagieSouth African
Grace MsalameKenyan
Didi EkanemNigerian
Matilda QuayeGhanian
Omotola Jalade EkiendeNigerian
Tolu OniruNigerian
Vera SidikaKenyan

Judy Anyango, Kenyan

Following her newly found fame in East Africa as a socialite, Judy has become quite the men’s favorite. This is because of her gigantic backside which leaves many drooling during her performances.

Tango Ncetezo, South African

Tango is not only famed for being an actress in the South African television series known as ‘A Place Called Home’, but also for being one of Africa’s curviest celebrities. Her well-endowed body speaks for itself, she need not flaunt it for you to know she got it.

Evia Simon, Nigerian

Nigeria is known to be a country blessed with some of the curviest and beautiful women in the world. Such women include this actress by the name Evia Simon. Her gigantic backside has made her acquire quite a large number of fans who tune into her shows faithfully no to miss out on the sight to behold.

Risper Faith, Kenyan

When it comes to natural curves, Kenyans are well endowed, and so is this Kenyan socialite Risper. She is well aware of the fact that her voluptuous backside leaves tongues wagging, thus loves to flaunt it on her social media pages. Most of her followers are male, who does not seem to get enough of her.

Anita Joseph, Nigerian

This stunning Nigerian beauty is a model cum actress. Thanks to her beautiful face and her natural curvy behind, which have earned her immense popularity. She is quite the internet sensation who strives to keep her fans satisfied by sharing her photos often.

Mercy Johnson, Nigerian

Talk of beauty, brains, and curves all in one package. Mercy Johnson is famed for her excellent acting skills as well as her killer body. She has not undergone any surgical procedure to enhance her curves. All her assets are natural. Her finely sculpted hips leave her fans glued to the screen every time she appears in a movie.

Being one of the curviest celebrities in Africa, Mercy Johnson has embraced her curvy body and is not afraid to flaunt it. This has gone a long way to boost her confidence and self-esteem on the big screen.

Lisa Visagie, South African

This twenty-two-year-old South African plus-size model has it all going for her in the looks department. She is naturally well endowed with a shapely body as well as a beautiful face. No wonder it was quite easy for her to be discovered by the Los Angeles-based modeling agency, Natural Model Management program.

Grace Msalame, Kenyan

curviest African celebrities

When it comes to that desirable killer body, Grace Msalame has it all. This popular Kenyan television personality is one of the most curved celebrities in Africa. She has hosted several known television shows such as ‘Graced on Kiss TV and ‘Art Scene on KTN. Grace has also graced the covers of many magazines such as True Love and many others. Her curves are natural and not surgically enhanced.

Didi Ekanem, Nigerian

Didi’s backside is arguably one of the largest in Nollywood. This actress is well endowed when it comes to looks and the perfect body. Her well-sculpted hips, fine legs, and gigantic behind often leave tongues wagging every time she graces our screens.

Matilda Quaye, Ghanian

Matilda is not only famed for being an actress, a video vixen, and a model, but also for having a voluptuous behind and massive hips. Her curvaceous body has earned her the title ‘Hipsy’ in Ghana.

Omotola Jalade Ekiende, Nigerian

Talk about beauty, brains and a beautiful body. Omotola has it all. This popular Nigerian actress is well endowed physically. Her well-shaped backside, sculptured hips, shapely legs and beautiful flawless skin makes her stand out in a crowd.

She is referred to as one of the most respected actresses in Africa and to crown it all, was recently named among the top 100 most influential persons in the world in the year 2016, by the Times Magazine, Most Influential Persons Award.

Tolu Oniru, Nigerian

This outspoken On Air Personality is blessed with a well-endowed body. Her killer curves have earned her a lot of fame in Nigeria, to the extent of her being nicknamed, ‘Toolz.’ However, a beautiful face and voluptuous backside is not the only thing to her name. She also has a degree in Business and Mass Communication from the London Metropolitan University. That’s what we call beauty and brains.

Vera Sidika, Kenyan

Dubbed as Kenya’s Kim Kardashian, this socialite’s gigantic backside has made her a favorite of the male species. Her provocative pictures of her flaunting her assets have found their place on social media earning her a huge fan base. Acquiring a place in the category of the most curved celebrities in Africa has come with its fair share of tribulations. This beauty has had to surgically enhance her backside as well as lighten her once dark skin so as to obtain a fair complexion.

This must have cost her an arm and a leg to obtain the excellent results that she got. Apart from being a video vixen, and a socialite, Vera is also an entrepreneur specializing in hair and beauty products and body shaping products such as slimming tea and pills.


Most African women are well endowed when it comes to curves and a full backside. But what most of them do not understand is that it need not be excessively huge for it to look good. This has resulted in some of them undergoing surgically enhancing procedures or even taking pills to enhance their booties so that they look like some of the aforementioned curviest African celebrities.

For some, luck has been on their side for the pills and surgical procedure has worked in their favor. However, some have not been as fortunate for the procedures have failed and even disfigured them. It is advisable to appreciate how God created you, for He made no mistakes. Whats funny though is that none of them makes it to the list of Africans richest celebs!

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