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Hottest and Popular African Actresses

There is no continent as blessed as Africa. We count blessings such as a myriad tourist attraction, diversity of culture, peace and stability, agricultural prosperity, generous people and last but not least, beautiful women. This article attempts to bring to our knowledge some of the hottest and popular African actresses who grace our scenes from […]

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Richest African Celebrities

Africa has been catching up with the ways of the western world at a tremendous rate. In the distant past, the word celebrity was a vocabulary that many Africans would have associated with the westerners. But with the onset of civilization, the African continent has been opening up to accommodate some of the western ways […]

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Best And Popular African Entertainment Websites

Africa is quickly catching up with the .com world, thanks to the availability of internet connection at least in most of the countries in the continent. The best African popular entertainment websites mostly post purely African content. Apart from serving entertainment purposes, they also are very informative. The entertainment niche is one of the most […]

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Popular African-American Musicians

Music soothes the heart, music brings together people, and music mends broken hearts. There is so much that music can do. And all this would not be possible if we did not have musicians who come up with the lyrics and go on and sing the songs as well. African- American musicians are known worldwide […]

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Most Powerful African Musicians

The music market in Africa is growing, and the youth of the continent find in these musicians a symbol of achievement, success and the personification of the rags to riches dream.  From Soukouss to Makossa, Rumba and even Afrobeat, these most powerful musicians In Africa give a breath of fresh air to music in the […]

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Most Popular African Television Shows

Africa’s TV industry is slowly and steadily gaining entry into people minds and hearts for telecasting some incredible talk shows, captivating dramas, and much more entertaining lineups.  Below are some are the top ten most popular African TV shows that make viewers glued to their screens. Knowing Which Are Popular African TV Shows will guide […]

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