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Most Popular Sports in Africa

Sports is a very common language for almost every human being around the globe. Sports are the most common unifying fibre of people.  However, not all kind of sports are popular in each country or continent. Each nation just like individuals has their choice of popular African sports. Some of these sports are not even […]

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Best African Eco-friendly Sports

Eco-friendly means, not harmful to the environment /environmentally friendly or nature-friendly. The Cambridge English Dictionary refers to eco-friendly as, something that does the least possible damage to the environment. Sporting activities in Africa trace its history back to the colonial times. The most and Best popular ones being board games and later developed to modern […]

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Most Popular African Television Shows

Africa’s TV industry is slowly and steadily gaining entry into people minds and hearts for telecasting some incredible talk shows, captivating dramas, and much more entertaining lineups.  Below are some are the top ten most popular African TV shows that make viewers glued to their screens. Knowing Which Are Popular African TV Shows will guide […]

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Most Popular and Expensive Stadiums In African

Africa is not quite marketed to the outside world as a sporty continent but time has seen tremendous growth in sports. The call to promote talent and use them to better lives has seen Africa produce some of the very top sportsmen in the world together with an absolute class in terms of stadiums. The […]

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Highest paid African footballers

With so much talent on the table in the continent, one would be curious to find out just who are the Africa’s highest paid footballers? Over time we have seen incredible talents come and go, the great super Eagles of the likes of Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu, etc. was just immense. Now we are left […]

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Richest African Footballers

In the last three or so centuries, Africa produced some of the richest Football players.  Every single football fan out there knows who Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Yaya Toure and much more who are on top of our list of the top ten richest African footballers According to the reports from various sites and Footendirect, […]

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Richest players in the world

Followed by over 3.5 billion people across the globe, football or as they may call it from The United States of America soccer, is the most popular sport in the world. With as much fun as it presents to the fans, it also pays well. Those following it on daily basis knows just how much […]

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