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Highest Paid African Presidents

Being a head of state is the highest position that a person can serve during their lifetime. This position not only comes with many responsibilities, privileges, powers as well as a fat bank account. Politics is quite a lucrative career such that many people are opting to deviate from their other careers to venture into […]

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Youngest Presidents in Africa

Africa is the most youthful continent. A few young African are the heads of some of the African nations.  Leadership in the African context is a task for the elderly. It is presumed that the older one is the wiser and more experienced they are, virtues the younger generation may not have. However, individual young […]

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Richest Presidents In Africa

Africa as a continent has some dark reputation to the outside world. The West have gone on to misinform the rest of the world about Africa and managed to paint Africa as a continent filled with poverty and misery. Although this may partially be a case, especially bearing in mind that some of the richest […]

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Longest Serving Presidents In Africa

In Africa, many would agree with us that one gets unseated from that hot-powerful seat when they say so. This may not be the case in many countries in the region but looking at the list of our top ten longest serving presidents in Africa, the truth is evident. Most and the majority of them […]

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Most Corrupt Countries In Africa

We have defined Corruption as “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.” Africa as a continent is one of the biggest and most blessed lands in the world; it has all types of resources and raw materials. Mismanagement, selfishness, lack of honest leadership won some of our nations an award of ranking […]

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