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Popular Dangerous African Volcanos

People have always thought that volcanic explosions were God’s punishment. Nowadays, however, we understand that these eruptions take place due to the result of red hot glowing magma that forces its way up through the holes or vents in the earth’s crust. The effects of this magma when it to the reaches the surface is […]

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African Longest Buildings

The continent’s skyline is rapidly improving.  Instead of the old unimpressive buildings in city centers, a visitor to any African city will notice new, bold architectural designs. Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos, and Nairobi are some of the cities that have hosted some of the longest building in Africa. However, cities like Accra, Abidjan, Cairo, Abuja […]

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African Longest Bridges

Bridges are critical for linking cut-off areas in several geographically diverse nations of the African continent.  Despite the fact that Africa is a beautiful continent, there aren’t several unique and famous bridges on its territory.  However, some of the longest bridges in Africa are a sight to behold. There are more bridges under construction which […]

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Countries That Embrace Capital Punishment

Capital punishment is the act of putting to death of an offender, who has been sentenced to death after they have been convicted by a court of law. This is as a result of a criminal offence that they have committed. It has alternative titles such as; the death penalty or execution.  It is should […]

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Oldest Universities in Africa

Even though Africa is struggling economically and even in education matters, the continent has some of the oldest learning institutions of which some of them are the oldest universities in Africa and also in the world.  Universities in Africa do date far back in years. The list below ranks from the oldest to the newest […]

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Best Business Schools in Africa

Africa is a heaven of economic development for the future, below is a list of the best business schools in Africa that offer good quality education and help to equip you with various skills to grow your business careers. Best Business Schools in Africa University of Pretoria Gordon institute of business science University of Cape […]

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