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Biggest Companies in Africa

Africa is often reviewed as an underdeveloped continent with most of the countries struggling with issues ranging from poverty to civil wars to ethnic conflicts and political instability.  However, some of the biggest African companies bring revenue amounting to billions of dollars to the continent. List of top ten biggest African companies Despite challenges African […]

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Top Cocoa-Producing Countries in Africa

Have you ever wondered where the mouthwatering addictive chocolate comes from? Or how it is made? or maybe which are the top cocoa-producing countries in Africa? We’ve got you! The magical cocoa beans that sprout from the cocoa tree give you the tasty chocolate that you buy in the store. The United Kingdom serves as […]

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Richest people In South Africa

Who is the richest man in South Africa? Being the most developed country in Africa; Business Times released the latest list of world’s richest men in South Africa.South Africa is known for her rich production of gold, her industries and high contribution to sports. Most recently, hosting football world cup tournament back in 2010. Not […]

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Top Ten Investment Opportunities In Africa

If you are an entrepreneur or investor searching for an investment opportunity or looking to start a business in any of the African countries, then this article will give you an insight on some of the top investment opportunities in Africa. Years ago, Europe was the favorite economy of the world, until America became the […]

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Oil Producing Countries in Africa

Africa as a continent may be known for far too many negative things, but her ability to always come up with the goods is unquestionable. Should the most developing countries in Africa decide to form a cartel, “oil producing countries in Africa” could be the best fit? Despite the challenges faced in Africa, 5 out […]

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World’s Richest People

In a world where millions of scholars from across the globe have come up with inventions, entrepreneurship has taken center stage with so many striving for success. Business people have invested in almost all industries with incredible success. It is virtually impossible to rank the world’s richest people according to their wealth. Forbes magazine came […]

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