Best Travel Destinations in Africa

Africa is dubbed as the cradle of humankind, it is the oldest inhabited continent on the planet. Africa is a vast beauty, a hidden gem comprising of beautiful lakes, sandy beaches, mountains, different species of wildlife and beautiful sceneries. To sum it all, Africa has the best travel destinations due to its unique flora and fauna which is quite a sight to behold.

It encompasses of many national parks, game reserves, natural features as well as man-made features such as museums which are major tourist attractions. Tourists travel from all destinations in the world to come and view the rare beauty of our continent. They serve as a source of revenue for the African governments.

Best travel destinations in Africa

Zambia and Zimbabwe Victoria Falls
MalawiLake Malawi
MauritiusBlack River Georges National Park
NamibiaFish River Canyon
South AfricaKruger National Park
BotswanaOkavango Delta
Kenya Maasai Mara
MozambiqueBazaruto Archipelago

1.Zambia and Zimbabwe– Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is among the most traveled African Destination

This is one of the most majestic water spectacles in the world. It is referred to as ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya ‘  by the locals, meaning ‘ The Cloud That Thunders’ due to the roaring sound of the waters as it flows at 12,800 cubic meters per second. In modern times it is described as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world.

It is considered as one of Africa’s Best Travel Destinations, and because of its rare beauty, thousands of tourists flock to enjoy the spray of water from the cascade deemed to be 108 meters high. It is such an awe-inspiring beauty of the Zambezi River forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

2.Malawi – Lake Malawi

It is one of the largest lakes in the entire world. It is one of the most traveled destinations in the African continent. The lake has many varieties of flora and fauna and as a result, its biodiversity has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and has made Lake Malawi National Park, the first freshwater park in the world. The lake boasts of more tropical fish than any other lake in the world, to be precise, it has 1300 known species of fish. Its scenery is breathtaking. It offers a conducive environment and conditions for freshwater diving.

Malawi also boasts of another best travel destinations in Africa which is, Mount Mulanje, this is the highest mountain in central Africa, with a height of 3000 meters. The mountain is quite a beautiful sight as it is split into two distinct parts by the Fort Lister Gap. En-route to the mountain, one is expected to encounter wild animals such monkeys, hares, large numbers of butterflies and beautiful wildflowers.

3.Mauritius –Black River Gorges National Park

Mauritius is one of Africa’s best travel destinations, for those that love tropical island adventures Black River Gorges National Park offers this and more. Tourists can per take in hiking trails and explore the diverse landmarks on the island. The plush greenness of the tropical forests is quite satisfying to the eye. The island is also known for its rich culture and traditions which are quite the tourist attraction as most of the tourists partake in local dances like the Sega.

4.Namibia -Fishriver Canyon

This is one of the most traveled destinations in Africa. This rift is 500 meters deep and has a length of 160 kilometers. It is likened to the planet mars due to similarities in terrain and its roughish desert-like appearance. And quite the paradox, during the dry seasons, beautiful pools of seasonally flowing water characterize it.

Namibia is also endowed with spectacular national parks, and three of Africa’s largest game parks are on its soil. Tourists visiting this country are spoilt for choice, with safari tours to choose from to breathtaking sand dunes to watch and on top of it all, the country has magnificent landscapes for viewing.

5.South Africa –Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park- one of the most traveled destinations in Africa

This country is the most traveled destinations in Africa. It is encompassed of many tourist attractions such as Cape Town which boasts of unique topography which enables a myriad of activities such as windsurfing, mountain climbing and vibrant multiculturalism. Be sure to be entertained by Zulu groups dancing and singing.

Kruger National Park sits on a vast 5 million acre piece of land. It has the best access to wild animals in Africa. Be sure to find the big five – buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and rhinos. You will also find the Nile crocodiles, hippos, giraffes and rare species of birds such as lappet-faced vultures. This park is also home to different eye-catching trees such as the baobab, and fever trees which tower above the park’s savannah forming a canopy at the top. All these magnificent features make it the best-traveled destination in Africa.

This park is also home to Albasini and Masorini ruins which give credence to the story that the Portuguese colonialists once traversed this beautiful land and colonized the country.

6.Botswana – Okavango Delta

This is a sight to behold and as a result, it has earned itself the title as Africa’s best-traveled destinations. It encompasses a vast area of over 2 million hectares of undistributed wetlands and seasonally flooded grasslands with the delta meandering through this marshland in a very attractive fashion and it is one of the few major deltas in the interior which do not flow into an ocean or sea.  It is home to some of the most endangered species in the world such a white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros and cheetah.

7.Kenya – Maasai Mara

Kenya has some of the cleanest cities in the continent, the country is known for its beautiful sceneries such as the Rift Valley, the sandy beaches with clear blue waters, it’s beautiful game parks which are home to the big five- buffalo, elephants, leopards, lions and natural features such as mountains, plateaus, and geysers. It is home to 46 different ethnic groups thus, the cultural diversity adds on to the list of making it Africa’s best travel destination.

Maasai Mara National reserve In Kenya

The Maasai Mara National Reserve is an area encompassed of a savannah wilderness on the southwestern part of Kenya which stretches to the Tanzanian border. It is recognized as the most traveled destinations in Africa. Wildebeests traverse these plains during their annual migration which takes place from the month of July to November.

This is a sight to behold, as they move to the Serengeti in Tanzania in a systematic fashion. This is acknowledged as the seventh wonder of the world. The Mara is renowned as one of the best wildlife destinations in the world, it is home to the big five as well as the bat-eared foxes, serval hyena, hippos, warthogs, Thompson’s gazelles, baboons, crocodiles and stripped jackals.

The Mara boasts of 95 species of mammals, reptiles, and amphibians and close to over 400 bird species.

8.Mozambique – Bazaruto  Archipelago

This is one of the most beautiful and magnificent destinations in Africa. This Archipelago consists of five islands namely; Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and Bangue and beautiful coral reefs to top it up. The area serves as a conservation area and national park. The park is the largest in the Indian Ocean. Its beauty makes it Africa’s best travel destination.

Sand dunes are also found throughout the Archipelago. It is also home to many varieties of seabirds due to its saline conditions. The coral reefs are also a habitat for thousands of different species of fish as well as coral species and marine mammals.

The vast spotless sandy beaches are a sight to behold as well as the clear turquoise waters, which are quite the deal for deep-sea divers.


The list can be a bit longer but we chose to highlight the best and most Africa’s most traveled destinations where you will not be disappointed. The 8 mentioned destinations will make your trip to Africa a worthwhile and we are sure you will enjoy every moment. Those who have been in any of the places can testify the excitement and beauty of the region even more and better than we have.

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