Best And Popular African Entertainment Websites

Africa is quickly catching up with the .com world, thanks to the availability of internet connection at least in most of the countries in the continent. The best African popular entertainment websites mostly post purely African content. Apart from serving entertainment purposes, they also are very informative.

The entertainment niche is one of the most saturated niches on the web. This inference is quite true because countless entertainment websites are being created every now and then. It is quite an uphill task sometimes to decide which website is most popular over another, but  factors such as the volume of traffic an entertainment website receives, popularity of the website based on links, web content, security, relevance and last but not least, user friendliness, determines the website’s overall page ranking.

Best And Popular African Entertainment Websites

African popular entertainment websites

  • Sun News Online
  • Modern Ghana
  • MWEB
  • Information Nigeria
  • Ghana Web
  • Pulse Nigeria
  • Bella Naija
  • Linda Ikeji

Another way used to determine the popularity of a website is using the Alexa ranking, which usually monitors the popularity of websites by determining the number of visitors a website gets as well as the page views it gets. Due to stiff competition, the positions on the Alexa ranking list keep on changing from time to time. The Alexa method of ranking is quite different from the usual way of ranking. This is because the ranking stipulates that, the smaller the number, the more popular a website is. is undoubtedly one of the best African entertainment websites. Its viewer traffic is quite high hence an Alexa rating of 520. It is hard to define entertainment in a single word because it varies for everyone. There are those who find pleasure in reading about politics, romance, science, technology, music, the list is endless.

This website serves as an Egyptian daily and it is published in the Arabic language. It contains all sorts of information ranging from news from the political scene to the sports section. This website is quite popular in most Arabic countries and as result, it has been selected twice by Forbes Middle East as the best and most efficient news website in the Middle East region.

This is Egypt’s third best news website and the third most visited entertainment website in Africa. It covers a wide range of topics including and not limited to; economics, politics, sports, technology, music as well as classifieds. was created in 2003 with the sole purpose of collecting and making available of Egyptian news. African entertainment websites such as this one combine’s news from various sources and arrange it according to their order of importance.

News that is of a similar nature is grouped together and readers usually have an ample time getting to know of the latest news from various sources. Its Alexa ranking is 825, which is enough evidence to support its popularity.

Nairaland is the most popular local content website in Nigeria. It mainly covers Nigerian topics and posts started by its registered users. It is an online forum which has over one million registered users. Most communication on this website takes place in the form of debates and discussions.

It covers many topics such as; romance, entertainment, business, technology, careers etc. It was pioneered by Seun Osewa in March 2005 and its Alexa ranking is 1,405.

This South African website has been named as Africa’s premier online news resource. As if that is not enough, it is among the top ten most popular entertainment websites in the continent. It promptly brings to its readership local and international news as and when it happens.

It has an Alexa ranking of 1246.

This online portal is an equivalent of the Nigerian Daily Newspaper. is widely known in the country and Africa at large. It has previously held the title, top website in Africa before Nairaland took that position from it. covers myriad topics such as; national news in general, sports, entertainment, fashion, politics and last but not least, lifestyle.

This is a popular Algerian website which mostly covers Algerian news, as well as news from the Arab world and the entire globe. It has been ranked as the tenth most popular website in Africa.

Its coverage is not limited as its content contains topics such as religion, technology, music and entertainment, sports and politics. It is one of the top sites in the Arab world.

Sun News Online is the online version of the Nigerian local daily, Sun News. It’s Alexa rating is 15,919 and it is more inclined towards politics, entertainment and other dramatic local stories and occurrences.

Modern Ghana

This website,, covers general news and serves as an informative website as well. The news covered on this website have been collected from various sources across the country. Topics such as sports, business, trending stories and entertainment have found a home on this website. The Alexa Ranking for this website is 15,057.


With an Alexa ranking of 12,865, this South African website is quite popular. It offers its viewership a wide array of information on various topics such as; e-commerce, entertainment, email, and design services as well as domain registration.

Information Nigeria

This website is regarded as one of the popular entertainment websites in Africa. It has a wide viewership and it strives to provide accurate information quite promptly. It mostly airs news and entertainment at large and its Alexa ranking is 10,527.

Ghana Web’s popularity in Ghana is second to none. Its viewers are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing topics to read about. This is because the website strives to provide as much information as it can on; government, business, education, Ghana’s culture and last but not least, general news.

Pulse Nigeria

This is one of the most upcoming entertainment websites in Africa. It prides itself on having over 500,000 Facebook followers, who keep on growing in numbers by the day. This entertainment website has an Alexa ranking of 4,963 and is quite the formidable force in the entertainment niche in Nigeria.

Bella Naija

Created by Uche Pedro, this entertainment blog cum website has proved that it is here to stay. It has got a wide viewership and its Alexa rating is at 4,545, which is quite impressive. Topics such as romance, fashion, music, and current affairs in the entertainment world have found a permanent home this website.

Linda Ikeji

African popular entertainment websites has time and again been the most highly rated entertainment website in Nigeria and Africa for quite a period of time now. The website goes by the name of its pioneer.

It is undoubtedly one of the best African entertainment websites, with an Alexa ranking of 1,909 which reflects a wide viewership. Topics ranging from romance, beauty, relationships, careers, music and entertainment and others have always featured on this website.


Without entertainment, the world would be a dull place. Therefore it is important to give recognition to the minds behind the pioneering of the best African popular entertainment websites for keeping us posted on the latest occurrences in the political, social, economic, lifestyle, fashion and global scene.

We do not have to watch television anymore to keep up with the world, thanks to these popular entertainment websites. All one has to do is ensure that they have a good and steady internet connection to access all the websites that are of their preference.

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