African Eco-friendly Sports

Eco-friendly means, not harmful to the environment /environmentally friendly or nature-friendly. The Cambridge English Dictionary refers to eco-friendly as, something that does the least possible damage to the environment. Sporting activities in Africa trace its history back to the colonial times. The most and Best popular ones being board games and later developed to modern sporting activities such as football.

Eco-friendly sports in Africa range from team sports such as football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, and hockey. There are also individual sports such as athletics, golf, and cycling as well as combat sports such as boxing, karate, and taekwondo.

Eco-friendly sports in Africa

Footbal (Soccer)

 1.Football (Soccer)

Soccer is among the best eco-friendly sports in africa

Football among other sports is the most popular. It is considered as one of  Africa’s best eco-friendly sports. This is because of its simple nature. It is quite a nature-friendly in terms of the resources required for the sport to be played. All you require is a ball, a pitch, and players and you’ll be good to go. In the olden times, the ball would sometimes be made of plastic bags with strings tied around it or even crumpled paper.

Football is passionately followed from the horn of Africa down to  South Africa. Many countries in Africa partake in football matches where they compete to take home the FIFA World Cup. This sport is so popular such that fifty-three African nations have teams in the Confederation of African Football.

Its eco-friendly nature makes it easy and fun to play and as a result, it is the most played sport in Africa. The sport has produced football stars such a Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon, Didier Drogba from Ivory Coast and last but not least, Michael Essien from Ghana.


Cricket although not very popular on the continent, it prides itself on being one of the eco-friendly sports in Africa. Playing cricket does not affect the environment in any negative way. This is because nothing hazardous is emitted in the environment in the course of the sport.

The sport is popular in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. With some of the countries such as Kenya and Zimbabwe jointly holding the 2003 Cricket World Cup.


Rugby is quite popular especially in the southern parts of the continent. It is a very thrilling sport to watch due to the playing techniques incorporated. Rugby is quite nature-friendly because no harmful substances are released in the atmosphere or on the earth while the sport is being played.

Rugby is one of the best eco-friendly sports in Africa and is governed by the Confederation of African Rugby. It has a mandate of overseeing various rugby tournaments within the continent.


Boxing is classified as a combat sport. This is because of its combat nature that requires one to defend themselves from their opponent.

It is a very environmentally friendly sport in that much is not required in terms of resources and the environment is also preserved during the course of the sport. All that is basically required is two players, boxing gloves and a ring in which the boxing match will be held.

In Africa,  boxing is quite popular in countries like  Nigeria, Cameroon, and South Africa. As a result of this sport, Africa has been able to produce many world-class boxers of repute such as Gerrie Coetzee, Dick Tiger, and many others.


This sport falls in the individual sports category. This is because,  persons taking part in the sport, race individually against each other. Athletics is extremely nature-friendly in nature and as a result, it is considered as one of Africa’s best eco-friendly sports.

This is because it only involves the racers running on a track or field and the winner gets a prize or some form of recognition. Nothing hazardous is released into the environment during the course of these running competitions.

Africa has produced almost all of the world’s great marathoners. This sport is very popular in Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia and last but not least, Cameroon. These are some of the key players in this sport.


Swimming is particularly popular in South Africa. However, other countries are gradually catching up in the sport and producing some of the best swimmers globally. For example, Kenya has produced the likes of Jason Dunford who competes on the global platform.

This sport is one of the best eco-friendly sports in Africa as it only requires a swimmer adorned in his swim gear and a pool of water. This does not have a bad effect on the natural world in any way whatsoever. In any case, this sport is dependent on the availability of water, which is a natural resource.


best african eco-friendly sports

In recent years, taekwondo’s popularity has been growing rapidly. More people are now competing in the taekwondo Olympics and Africa is now emerging as a taekwondo powerhouse.

Taekwondo has earned repute as one of the best eco-friendly sports in Africa because it does not have any adverse effects on the environment. During the course of the sport, no harmful emissions are seen to be released in the environment. It only involves two participants who wrestle each other using their arms and feet until one participant is overpowered by the other and emerges as the winner.


Cycling is not very popular across the continent as compared to the likes of football and rugby. However, countries such as South Africa which engage in the sport can attest to the fact that it is very environmentally friendly.

This is because the bicycles used to engage in the sport are propelled by human energy and not any other form of energy. Therefore, no harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere at any one point.

Besides from being a sport, cycles are also able to enjoy beautiful sceneries as they compete.


This sport was introduced to Africa in the 1960s and over time, basketball has become very popular and fast growing sport across the continent. Over fifty-four countries have their basketball teams conscripted in the FIBA.

It is the governing body of basketball in the continent. Basketball in most occasions is played in an indoor arena as a team sport.

It is quite nature-friendly because the resources required in playing the sport are not hazardous and also, no harmful emissions are emitted into the atmosphere during the cause of the sport.


With the increasing rate of global warming, scientists have been advocating for the use of eco-friendly and biodegradable substances. The sports sector has not been left behind as well. We can see as mentioned above most sports are quite eco-friendly. We can, therefore, say that having and encouraging eco-friendly sports in Africa will go a long way in curbing global warming and the adverse effects it has had on planet earth.

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