Most Beautiful African Presidential Palaces

A presidential palace can be defined as the official dwelling place of a country’s head of state. Different countries have different names for their presidential palaces such as government house, presidential villa, state house or even executive mansion. Some of Africa’s head of states have some of the most beautiful African presidential palaces ever seen on the globe.

These presidential palaces are characterized by state of the art security, breathtaking architectural designs, excellent landscaping and last but not least, maintenance services. These presidential residences are built to befit the status of the person residing in them. Some of them even have bulletproof doors and windows to enhance security.

The following article will endeavor to bring to our knowledge, the prettiest African presidential palaces that we have in our continent, the countries that they are situated in, and some of their salient features.

Most beautiful African presidential palaces

Palace NameCountry & City
State HouseKampala, Uganda
The Flagstaff House Accra, Ghana
Presidential PlaceNouakchott, Mauritania
Iavoloha Place Antananarivo, Madagascar
Union BuildingsPretoria, South Africa
The Unity PalaceYaounde, Cameroon
Abdeen PalaceCairo, Egypt
State House of NamibiaWindhoek, Namibia
Presidential PalaceKhartoum, Sudan
Presidential PalaceDakar, Senegal

State House (Kampala, Uganda)

Just as its name suggests, State House is the president of Uganda’s official residence. It is located in Entebbe, which is forty kilometers south of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. This majestic state of the art building has undergone lots of renovations from time to time, so as to upgrade it and keep up with the times.

It is said that the latest renovations to this presidential palace cost approximately 1.6 million dollars.

 The Flagstaff House (Accra, Ghana)

This eye-catching architectural piece is a sight to behold. It serves both as the president’s official residence as well as his office. It has a unique design which makes it one of the most beautiful presidential palaces in Africa.

It assumed this unique design after it was reconstructed by an Indian contractor. This whole reconstruction cost the Ghanaian government around 45 to 50 million dollars. The result was worth every penny.

Presidential Place (Nouakchott, Mauritania)

Located at the center of the city of Nouakchott is Mauritania’s presidential palace. It sits on an extensive piece of land surrounded by well-mowed lawns and beautiful flowers and well-trimmed hedges.

This building is not only magnificent but also well designed. Its ivory finishing is simply breathtaking. It was built by Chinese contractors and it serves as the administrative office of Mauritania as well as the president’s abode.

Iavoloha Place (Antananarivo, Madagascar)

Spectacular is not enough of an adjective to describe Madagascar’s presidential palace. Located on the base of a hilltop, this white majestic building blends perfectly with the green vegetation surrounding it.

Its white color makes and dark roofing makes it stand out from afar, as well as its architectural design that is quite puzzling. Africa’s beautiful presidential palaces like this one often undergo maintenance and even reconstructed if need be.

Union Buildings (Pretoria, South Africa)

African presidential palace

Sitting majestically on the highest point of South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria, this modern-day citadel is such a sight to behold. These iconic buildings are skillfully designed in the English monumental style and is built from light sandstone.

These buildings not only serve as the official seat of South Africa’s government but also as the president’s official residence as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs. Its environs constitute of lush green well mowed lawns, neatly trimmed fences, and multicolored flower bushes.

Its unique beauty and architectural design is incomparable with most presidential palaces and as a result, it is considered as one of the prettiest African presidential palaces. It has been named as a heritage site and also serves as a major tourist attraction in Africa.

The Unity Palace (Yaounde, Cameroon)

The unity palace is a striking work of art. This is because of its well thought out architectural design which entails towering pillars that hold its walls in place. It is also surrounded by well-nurtured greenery around it.

Located in Yaounde, Cameroon, this presidential palace serves as the official residence of the president of Cameroon since he took the mantle of power in the year 1982.

Abdeen Palace (Cairo, Egypt)

Abdeen Palace is not only considered as one of the most beautiful presidential palaces in Africa, but also one of the most luxurious palaces in the world. Its embellishments and paintings are seen to have been thought out before being settled for.

Its parlors and hallways are decorated with a large number of clocks, which are decorated with pure gold. This palace is simply exotic. It serves as the president’s official residence as well as his main office.

State House of Namibia (Windhoek, Namibia)

Namibia’s state house is the real definition of a fortress. It is surrounded by a two-kilometer-long steel fence and it is characterized by dark glass towers with a concrete finish and enormous guard rooms, which house security officers who guard the palace. It is situated on a 25 hectares piece of land.

This building serves as Namibia’s administrative capital as well as the president’s official residence. Namibia’s statehouse was designed by a North Korean company and was built in a duration of sixty-six months and cost the Namibian government approximately 400 million Namibian dollars.

Presidential Palace (Khartoum, Sudan)

The Presidential Palace in Sudan is situated on Blue Nile Street in Khartoum. This palace’s architecture is beautiful in the strictest sense of the word. It is adorned with invaluable relics and antique pieces which add to its beauty. Its whitewashed walls and perfectly manicured lawns are a sight to behold.

This building has a striking resemblance to a castle and as a result, it has been marked as a historical center. It serves as the official residence and administrative office of Sudan’s head of state.

Presidential Palace (Dakar, Senegal)

African presidential palace

Sitting elegantly on a vast piece of land, this presidential palace is breathtaking. Its snow white outside vintage appearance makes it deserve to be categorized as one of Africa’s beautiful presidential palaces.

The landscaping around it has been tastefully done, effortlessly complementing the palace’s posh looks. It serves as the president’s official residence.

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African leaders are known for their opulent lifestyles and ruling with an iron fist. Most of them have spent millions constructing presidential mansions that befit their status. You would think that they will rule till eternity. Most beautiful African presidential palaces have cost the governments of the respective countries in which they are situated a lot of money to construct. A lot of money is still used to maintain those palaces from time to time.

However, these presidential palaces architectural designs are second to none and are worth every penny.

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