African Longest Buildings

The continent’s skyline is rapidly improving.  Instead of the old unimpressive buildings in city centers, a visitor to any African city will notice new, bold architectural designs. Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos, and Nairobi are some of the cities that have hosted some of the longest building in Africa. However, cities like Accra, Abidjan, Cairo, Abuja and Port Louis pose a substantial challenge to the towns as mentioned earlier.   Expect more buildings to be on this list shortly, and an example is Hope City in Accra.

The article below reviews some buildings on the continent some of which are Africans longest buildings. Most of the buildings are in the Republic of South Africa.  However, some emerging African nations are soon catching up with the continents developed economies.

Here is a list of the top 10 Africans longest buildings

1. Carlton Center South Africa
2. Ponte City ApartmentsSouth Africa
3. UAP Tower Kenya
4. NECOM House (NITEL Building)Nigeria
5. PSPF Towers Tanzania
6. Marble TowersSouth Africa
7. The Pearls of UmhlangaSouth Africa
8. South African Reserve BankSouth Africa
9. Metlife Centre Cape Town South Africa
10. 88 on Field Durban South Africa

1.Carlton Centre

The Carlton Centre was built in inner-city Johannesburg.  It is a skyscraper that houses a shopping center.  It is currently one of Africans longest buildings.  The building stands at 223 meters. An American architectural firm designed the building which was officially launched in 1974.  It is alleged that, on a clear day, one can see as far as Pretoria from the top floor of the building, remember that Pretoria is more than 60km away!  The 50 floors building has held the position as the continent’s tallest building for 43 years. The Carlton Centre is a multi-purpose building also housing corporate offices and shops.

2.Ponte City Apartments

Africans longest buildings.

No other structure could serve as a better icon of the Johannesburg skyline as Ponte City Apartments.  The Ponte City Apartments stand at 173 meters.   The apartment building in the country’s commercial capital is the tallest residential building in the African continent. It was first occupied in 1975.    It is quite a spectacular sight.

The structure is cylindrical with a hollow center or the core which lets in natural lighting to enter the units and is built on a uniquely uneven rock floor.

3.UAP Tower

The UAP Old Mutual Tower in Nairobi overlooks the city and soars over East Africa.  Towering 163 meters with 33 floors, the relatively new building was launched in 2015.   The building is the property of an insurance conglomerate with its headquarters in Kenya, UAP Old Mutual Holdings, Some of the rentable space measure 29,000 square meters (310,000 sq. ft.).  The building will be the new home of the UAP Old Mutual headquarters once it is finished.  The tower was funded through private equity to a tune of US$40,000,000.  By the time of opening to business in July 2016, it had 50% occupancy on the fifth day.

4.NECOM House (NITEL Building)

NECOM House West Africa makes an appearance into the top five Africans Longest Buildings with NECOM House in Lagos, Nigeria. The 160 meters building is also a lighthouse beacon for ships nearing the Lagos Harbour and has corporate offices. NECOM House, opened in 1070, is the tallest building in Nigeria and all of West Africa. The 32-floor building is also home to NITEL, the main telecommunications company in Nigeria.  The main contractor is Costain Group plc.

5.PSPF Towers

The twin towers in Dar es Salaam are Tanzania’s tallest buildings. The towers are 153 meters tall and have 35 floors.  PSPF completed its major real estate project in 2015, the PSPF Towers, which are the 5th Africans longest buildings. The Towers offer for sale two kinds of accommodation: the traditional apartments and duplex apartments. The cost of 3 bedroom apartments ranges between USD350, 000 to USD500, 000, which in inclusive of 18% VAT. The price for office space is USD 2,200 per square meter. The ground floor and mezzanine are the only spaces available for rent for shops and other commercial activities.

6.Marble Towers

Marble Towers was formerly called the Sanlam Centre.  The building gives Johannesburg a third appearance on the ranking in Africans longest buildings.  It is constructed of mainly of marble and concrete.  The building is primarily used as offices.  It has an eight-storey parking garage attached to it.  Marble Towers is located in the central business district of Johannesburg. It was opened in 1973.

7.The Pearls of Umhlanga

The Pearls of Umhlanga is also referred to as Pearl Dawn.  It is a resort found on the northern side of the coastal city of Durban.  The building is an architectural masterpiece.   The structure has been awarded several awards for its aesthetic appeal and location.  The Pearl Dawn skyscraper is a residential edifice whose construction began in 2006 and was opened after four years. At 152 meters and 31 floors, occupants have a spectacular view of the garden and province’s famous seafront.  The building hosts luxury holiday apartments for some of South Africa’s wealthy and elite.

8.South African Reserve Bank

which are the longest building in Africa

The Reserve Bank in Pretoria is the tallest building with a black glass and Rustenburg granite facade. The tower block, basement, and cantilever-supported auditorium were built using 80 000 cubic meters of concrete.

The Construction of the 150 meters, 38 floors building began in 1986 and was finished two years later. It is the tallest building in the nation’s administrative capital Pretoria and was the first flush-glazed glass tower block in the Southern Hemisphere.   It is the home to South Africa’s Central Bank.

9.Metlife Centre Cape Town

Metlife Centre Cape Town finally makes an entry at the ninth spot with the Metlife Centre. The 128 meters building comprises of 28 floors and is one of the most impressive things in the city. The building’s antenna was airlifted in three phases by helicopter. Metlife was opened in 1993.

10.88 on Field Durban

88 on Field Durban is the last of the top ten which are the longest building in Africa.  The structure whose original name was 362 West Street stands at 147 meters and has 26 floors.  The building opened in 1985 and is estimated to have cost 40 million dollars. Located in Durban’s central business district, 88 on Field is 147 meters tall. It was built in 1985 and is used for office space.


Advances in engineering methods and materials have seen man erecting structures which are the longest building in Africa.  These monuments reach for the sky and symbolize a nation’s power and self-pride. Similarly, some African countries have built large structures that strain the neck and scrape the heavens.

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