List of African Longest Bridges

Bridges are critical for linking cut-off areas in several geographically diverse nations of the African continent.  Despite the fact that Africa is a beautiful continent, there aren’t several unique and famous bridges on its territory.  However, some of the longest bridges in Africa are a sight to behold. There are more bridges under construction which are not on this list that may be longer upon completion.

Here are the longest bridges in the continent some of which are Africans Longest Bridges in Africa and the world.  The bridges are intricately designed to last long.

Top Ten Longest Bridges in Africa

The 6th October Bridge20.5 kmEgypt
The Third Mainland Bridge10.5 kmnigeria
The Suez Canal Bridge 3.9 kmEgypt
The Mozambique Island Bridge3.8 kmMozambique
The Dona Ana Bridge3.67 kmMozambique
The Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge2.37 kmMozambique
The Qasr al-Nil Bridge 1.932 kmEgypt
The Wouri Bridge 1.8 kmCameroon
The Mkapa Bridge 970 metersTanzania
The Katima Mulilo Bridge 900 metersZambia

10.The Katima Mulilo Bridge (900 meters)

The bridge is built across the Zambezi River in Zambia. It was constructed in Concor and inaugurated on May 13, 2004. The bridge carries the Trans Caprivi Highway.

The bridge between Katima Mulilo in Namibia and Sesheke in Zambia at Wenela is one of the most remarkable engineering structures in Zambia and one of the longest Bridges in Africa; The bridge has a historical implication since it has always has been Namibia’s symbol of independence.

9.Mkapa Bridge (970 meters)

The Mkapa Bridge is the longest bridge in Tanzania and East Africa. It is built across River Rufiji and was funded by OPEC, Kuwait Fund and the Government of Saudi Arabia. The loan amount of the project was $30 million.  Its construction began in 2012,

The crossing dubbed ‘Kigamboni Bridge’ connects Dar-es-Salaam’s central business district to Kigamboni ward across the Kurasini Creek. It is the ninth of the longest bridge in Africa.

8.Wouri Bridge (1.8 km)

The French constructed the Wouri Bridge during the colonial period in the 1950s. The Wouri Bridge joins Douala to the harbor of Bonabéri, and both road and rail traffic use it to get to western Cameroon.

7.Qasr al-Nil Bridge (1.932 km)

The Qasr al-Nil Bridge is built across the River Nile. The bridge that links downtown Cairo to Gezira Island and the Zamalek district is in the central part of Cairo. Ralph Anthony Freeman designed this steel bridge. One of Cairo’s most iconic and enduring landmark and will soon undergo renovation

6.Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge (2.37 km)

Africans Longest Bridges

Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge is in Mozambique. It is constructed across the River Zambezi and is the link between Sofala and Zambezia.  The bridge also goes by the name Zambezi River Bridge. The WSP Group designed the bridge which is 16 meters wide. The “Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge” is part of the main north-south highway and replaces an inefficient ferry service across the river.

The bridge is 2,376 meters long with two lanes for vehicles, two hard shoulders for emergencies, and two walkways for pedestrians. It is the second longest bridge in the country, beaten only by the bridge linking Mozambique Island to the mainland in Nampula province.

5.Dona Ana Bridge (3.67 km)

Dona Ana Bridge is also another bridge across the Zambezi River. It is the connection between Mutarara and Vila de Sena towns. The construction of the rail bridge was completed in 1934.

The 3.67km-long Dona Ana Bridge was once the longest railway bridge in Africa.  It was built by the Portuguese in 1935 during the Portuguese rule of Mozambique.

It was blown up by RENAMO soldiers during the Mozambican Civil War. After gaining independence from Portugal in 1975.  It was constructed as a link between Malawi and the Moatize coal fields to the port of Beira.

4.Mozambique Island Bridge (3.8 km)

The Mozambique Island Bridge is in the Mozambique Island. It is the connection of the Island of Mozambique to the mainland over the Indian Ocean. The construction of the concrete bridge ended in 1969 and is maintained by National Road Administration. Mozambique Island Bridge is a historically significant in the country. It’s one of the most spectacular Africans longest bridges. The bridge is 3,800 meters i is a one lane bridge.

3.Suez Canal Bridge, El Qantara (3.9 km)

The bridge is also called the Shohada 25 January Bridge, Al Salam Bridge or Mubarak Peace Bridge.  The Suez Canal Bridge is a bridge constructed across the Suez Canal. It is at El Qantara, Egypt. The bridge also links Africa to Eurasia. It was built with help from the government of Japan. That is why it is also referred to as the Egypt-Japanese Friendship Bridge.

2.Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos (10.5 km)

The Third Mainland Bridge is in Lagos.  Its official name is the Ibrahim Babangida Bridge. It was opened in 1990. The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest one of the three bridges that link Lagos Island to the mainland.  Julius Berger Nigeria PLC built the bridge. The firm is a renowned leader in the construction industry.  It provides integrated solutions, and related services and has specialized in implementing intricate projects that need the highest level of technical capability.

1.The 6th October Bridge, Cairo (20.5 km)

some of the Africans Longest Bridges

It is an elevated highway in Cairo, and it is 20.5 km in length.   All construction stages did not interfere with the navigation of the Nile.  The latest technological methods were used in its construction

The Government of Egypt owns the bridge.  However, it is maintained by General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport. It is built across the Nile River. Its construction was completed in 1996.  It is not only Africans Longest Bridges but also the 11th longest road bridge in the world.


Despite Africa being economically disadvantaged, the nations try to develop their infrastructure.  Knowing which are Africans Longest Bridges In Africa gives an insight of how the continent’s nations are improving their economy.  These bridges bring people from different parts of the country or region together.  Transportation is a major factor in the development of a country.

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