African Countries with Bizzare Laws

The world gets more confusing as time goes by due to different things.  However, just like in South America, Africa has its fair share of weird laws. There are strange laws which exist all around the world, and they make no sense.  Some countries with bizarre laws in Africa include Kenya, Swaziland and even Sudan and Nigeria.

One would think laws exist due to the necessity of maintaining peace and harmony. However, every country has some outlandish laws that are still in practice that one would find disturbing of ridiculous.  Other than some of these statutes being strange, some of them seem to be a bit dictatorial and show just how much control the government has in countries with bizarre laws in Africa.

Countries with Bizarre Laws in Africa

1.KenyaEastern Africa
Southern Africa
3.SudanNorthern Africa
4.Guinea West Africa
West Africa
6.Nigeria West Africa
7.MauritiusIndian Ocean
8.Equatorial Guinea Central Africa
9.Eritrea - North
Eastern Africa
10.MauritaniaWestern Africa

Below are some laws from around Africa that are just weird. It makes you wonder who even made them into law.

1.Kenya – Eastern Africa

In Kenya, you might be a criminal if you walk around with no money in your pocket because it is illegal.   Each time you are in Kenya, be sure to have at least some cash with you at all times.   When enjoying yourself in the country as most tourists do, just carry extra cash to be on the safe side.

2.Swaziland – Southern Africa

In Swaziland, there is a hot spring known as Cuddle Puddle.  It is strictly for cuddling, be careful not to be tempted into some intimate actions, because the action may land you in a jail cell. The Cuddle Puddle is a great tourist destination and so many people visit it for fun yet that rule is of the most Bizarre laws in Africa.

3.Sudan – Northern Africa

Another one of African bizarre laws can be found in Sudan.  You will find that it is against the law for men and women to sit together.  If they do so, there should be a chaperone. Otherwise, the government has the right to arrest and prosecute the offenders.

4.Guinea – West Africa

People like giving names to newborns. In the African community people always come together to give names.  However, if you are in Guinea, be careful not to call your little one Monica since it is illegal in the country.

5.Ghana – West Africa

In Ghana, some laws govern how many movies an actor can be in, over a set period.  Doing the contrary might just land the star in prison.  Several African ridiculous laws in this country are satirical in nature.  To read more about these and other laws click here.

6.Nigeria – West Africa

Importing fruits, beer, soft drinks, mineral water, and sparkling wine is illegal in Nigeria, and you may be found guilty in a court of law and be fined or jailed if found guilty of the offense.  In this era of global trade, this is one of the African bizarre laws.  Would you believe if anyone told you such a law exists? I know you wouldn’t.

7.Mauritius – Indian Ocean

If you are in Mauritius, please avoid “adult” toys are illegal.  They are considered illegal.  Just ensure that if you have any toys for your pleasure to keep them to yourself.  Owning one or public display of such intimate things is prohibited.  Anyway, such items should be kept private, and this makes me think this is bizarre but reasonable.

8.Equatorial Guinea – Central Africa

African Coutry prohibits reading foreign books

The inhabitants of the Central African country are prohibited from reading foreign books, magazines or literature. They are also and are not motivated to learn.

The situation has made the nation’s illiteracy levels to remain high. The law is considered punitive and dictatorial and has one of the most bizarre laws in Africa.  No bookstores and newsstands sell foreign literature books anywhere in the country. The only newspaper circulating in the country is controlled and censored by the government.

Foreigners are usually denied entry into the country and if allowed, they are subjected to strict monitoring and are not allowed to take films that could expose the impoverished situations people live in.

9.Eritrea – North-eastern Africa

In Eritrea, people are required to register their faiths before they can practice. In the country, religions like Catholicism and Islam are considered official and are recognized by the state.  However, some sects such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Bahá’í Faith and other non-protestant Evangelical faiths cannot worship freely and face arrest and prosecution.

10.Mauritania – Western AfricaSome Bizarre laws in Africa

Under the Mauritanian Criminal Code, renunciation of a religious belief if punishable. The law states that if any Muslim is guilty of the crime of apostasy, he or she is to be given a chance to ask for forgiveness within three days. If the accused does not repent within the stipulated time, he/she is to be sentenced to death, and the government shall confiscate all of the individual’s property. Mauritania is one of the countries with bizarre laws in Africa.


These are some of the ridiculous African bizarre laws.  Some are so ridiculous that they seem funny.  Like in Somalia carrying chewing gum by sticking it to your nose’s tip.  Can you believe that in Madagascar, pregnant women are not allowed to wear hats? What a ridiculous rules.

People all over the world love and or hate some laws. But some of these statutes leave us confused and wondering if they make sense. Some African laws make us feel that they are there to punish or imprison people unnecessarily. It is unimaginable that in this era of technological innovations and modern facilities and we consider ourselves intelligent people, such laws still exist. These ridiculous laws make us just laugh, sad and angry. With these hideous laws, we might as well be dead.

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