Best African Car Manufacturers

There is a favorable demand environment for automobiles in the continent, but the growth of the auto industry in the different nations has not been significant and thriving as anticipated. However, some car manufacturers in the continent have contributed significantly to the industry.

Unfortunately, African car manufacturers are not given the recognition they deserve and the much-needed patronage.  Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and other car makers in the Asian and western car industries receive more attention than the continent’s car manufacturers.

Notwithstanding, Cars produced by these African Car Manufacturing Companies are used by many people in the continent and around.

List of the Top Ten African Car Manufacturers

1. Laraki
2. Perana Performance Group South Africa
3. Birkin CarsSouth Africa
4. Saroukh El-JamahiriyaLibya
5. Bailey Edwards CarsSouth Africa
6. Advanced Automotive Design
South Africa
7. Kantanka Automobile Company Ghana
8. Kiira MotorsUganda
9. Wallyscar Tunisia
10. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co, Ltd.Nigeria

The article below reviews some of the Top African car Manufacturers which have put their respective countries in the automotive world map.

10) Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co, Ltd. (Nigeria)

The Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co, LTD (IVM) is a car company based in Nigeria.  The firm was founded by Nigerian industrialist Chief Innocent Chukwuma and was commissioned by the nation’s former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Their manufacturing plant of one of African Car manufacturers is in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria. The company has manufactured two models namely IVM Umu and IVM Uzo. The government of Nigeria is encouraging the production of local automobiles and discouraging import of fully assembled vehicles from other nations.

9) Wallyscar (Tunisia)

The Tunisian car maker Wallyscar was founded in 2007 by Zied Guiga. The company is based in La Marsa and sells 600 units per year.  Not only do these African Car Manufacturing Companies sell their vehicles in their respective countries they also export them to other nations such as Spain, France, Panama, Qatar, and Morocco.

8) Kiira Motors (Uganda)

The sedan hybrid electric vehicle named the Kiira EV SMACK was originally developed by students from Uganda’s Makerere University.  The car was intended for a project headed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  The electric vehicle was designed for the area, local terrain and the ability of the consumer to afford the car.

The sedan which seats five uses a rechargeable battery and is equipped with an internal combustion engine-based generator which charges the battery.  The company expected to roll out its first commercial vehicle from this line in 2018.

7) Kantanka Automobile Company (Ghana)

The automobile company based in Ghana was founded by Apostle Safo Kantanka, assembles its passenger vehicles.  The company mainly produces SUVs and pickup trucks.  The company’s manufacturing plant is located in Gomoa Mpota in the central region of Ghana.  The seventh of African Car manufacturers released commercial sale of the vehicles in 2016.

6) Advanced Automotive Design (South Africa)

The Advanced Automobile Design was established in 1995 by Brian Glover and Rhys Edwards.  The firm is located in Die Wilgers, Pretoria. The company produces different models, but its popular models are the Shaka Giotte and Shaka Nynya. The company manufactures racing-style sports cars. The Shaka Nynya, named after the Zulu king has impressed drivers with its speed and versatility.

5) Bailey Edwards Cars (South Africa)

The renowned Bailey Edwards Cars is a sports car manufacturer based in South Africa. The company has been producing sports cars for both the race tracks and for the road. As one of the top African cars manufacturers, it faces stiff competition from other players in the sports market niche.

The brand has excelled against them and surpassing the expectations of many. The group produces and customizes classic performance cars such as the Porsche 917 and the Ferrari P4 for clients globally. The Ford GT40 id the company’s signature replica and has taken part in both national and international racing tournaments.

4) Saroukh El-Jamahiriya (Libya)

The sleek James Bond-style car was unveiled in 1999.  The Libyan Arab Domestic Investment Company’s chairman, Mr. Dukhali Al-Meghareff, billed it as a revolutionary in the automotive manufacturing industry.  The company is credited for producing the prototype.

The Saroukh el-Jamahiriya also known as the Libyan rocket is a 5-passenger saloon in a metallic Libyan revolutionary green with tinted windows.

3) Birkin Cars (South Africa)

African Car Manufacturers

The car manufacturer Birkin Cars based in South Africa was founded in 1982. It is well-known for its kit-car copy vehicle S3 Roadster, is a kit-car copy of the Lotus Super 7.

The founder and owner of Birkin Cars is John Watson. Since 1980, the company has expanded many times and exports locally manufactured Lotus and other limited-edition performance car replicas around the world.  However, it has retained its base of operations near Durban, South Africa.

2) Perana Performance Group (South Africa)

Another one of African Car Manufacturing Companies is Perana Performance Group.  The automobile company was founded in late 2007. The South African car developer is located in Port Elizabeth. The company’s cars are manufactured in their hi-tech plant of Hi-Tech Automotive & Superformance. Perana cars include the Z-One.

1) Laraki (Morocco)

Laraki is one of the Top Ten African Car Manufacturers.  The company is based in Morocco.  It was established in Casablanca in 1999 to manufacture and sell luxurious, high-performance sports cars.  Fulgura, Borac, and Epitome are some models offered by Laraki. Laraki is the property of Moroccan designer Abdeslam Larak. Larakis are strictly concept cars, custom-built for each customer, and were ranked among the most expensive cars in the world in 2015.


The top African car manufacturers offer lots of job opportunities to the people of Africa.  A few years ago, very few observers could have forecasted the ranking of car group manufacturers in Africa.   Surprisingly the continent has proved it worth in the industry despite the financial and economic situation of several of its countries.

The African motoring sector has stepped up its game in the competitive yet profitable automotive industry.  It is giving the Germans, Indians and Chinese leaders in vehicle design and manufacturing competition in the local markets. They are also creating fully locally sourced vehicles that can compete in the international market. Be it luxury, commercial or concept, and performance vehicles, these manufacturers are a little different and ahead of their time.

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