About Us

African Zeal Mission

Our idea of offering most up to date, accurate and straightforward answers to the internet and top ten African stories and news came along ago. Those were the days that we had no idea that one day, we could own a simple blog like this and here we are.

This site strives to offer solutions to everyone online, students, librarians, friends name them all. We want to settle that argument about what is in the top ten list of anything, especially about Africa. With us, You will be able to get updated information on various occurrences and history.

About Sam

As a big fan of football and politics, I have had numerous times when I would disagree with friends on issues which end up taking us to Google; I want to help you settle them with proven facts.

I found it so comforting to write online especially on some big forums where thousands of people could read your posts and share their opinions. By Just doing what I like the most, more so about things I related with and know about I could still make something online, and here came africanzeal.com.

Your Value

It is my hope that you will be among those who will help me to grow by correcting, guiding, advising and more importantly sharing ideas on how to improve our livelihoods.
I look forward to seen you here more frequently. Thank you.